Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ode to Jules

February 2, 1988.
This monkey was born.

Same monkey. A few months later.
This monkey has changed my life and because of that, I have chosen to dedicate an entire post to how. Let's go back a decade and a half when I was minding my own business in primary. I had friends, I wore old dresses that had been passed down from 3 older sisters, I always knew the answer was either "reading scriptures" or "saying prayers". Basically, I had it all. That's when Julia Bird showed up. She didn't have these things. She didn't have any friends (yet), she didn't have older sisters to inherit dresses from (she got brand new ones), & she still hadn't learned the primary answers. Ha. It was at this moment that I made a decision that would forever impact my life. I became friends with said monkey.

The next few years were a roller coaster with us. Sometimes we'd hang out, and sometimes we wouldn't. (mostly because I was jealous how she was always picked first out of the girls for kickball, basketball, etc).

That is until cheer nationals our sophomore year. That trip created a special bond between us, and for that I would like to personally thank Ryan Timoney. He yelled at us one night for coming back to the hotel late, and that sealed the deal, we've been best friends ever since.

We were inseparable after that. Often we'd go to parties and if we weren't by each other, people would ask, "where's your other half?" Sometimes this would bother us, but then we realized how AWESOME it was to always have someone to hang out with, someone who would always have your back, no matter what.
Speaking of backs, ignore the random kid in the back of this picture.

She has been such a great example to me. Her example of how to eat and live healthy has prevented me from becoming like.....well, this.

High school was a blast with this little badger. I mean, look at her. Look at how adorable she was. (yes, she's the brace face on the left).

Don't you fret. Those braces came off. And the next day she had a boyfriend. But that's another story altogether.

We even decided it would be best if we became related somehow. The outcome? My sister married her brother. And then they produced these.

Then college began. I forfeited dorm life so I could live with her. What a good decision that was! Rather than spending pointless time dating, we found other things to occupy our time.

We were never bored.

Or afraid to be ourselves.

I even accompanied her to her first gyno appointment.

But then things happened. We realized we must choose suitors and continue on our path called life. She chose this guy.

Which resulted in this gal.

I chose this guy.

Which resulted in this guy.

And while she has now deserted me for Nevada, I couldn't be happier for her. She has married someone who loves her (probably even more than I love her, which is hard to do), and she is making beautiful babies. What more could I ask for? Beautiful babies to marry my beautiful babies. I miss her like crazy, but I'm grateful for all the wonderful memories we've created together.
Thanks Jules!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Squaw

Can you believe it? Here I am again.
Nothing has dramatically changed since my previous post, that's why waiting a year between posts is really quite exciting, but I did conquer the squaw. Squaw peak that is. My beloved E-ran and her husband invited us. Every time I complained I couldn't breathe, Stephen would point out that I'm a dancer and should be just fine climbing a mountain.
My response.

During the ascent, I struggled, but looking back now, it wasn't so bad. Now Stephen wants to hike the "Y" this week. Baby steps, Stephen. Baby steps. I'm all for one hike every...10 years or so....


I guess "hit a different pose this time" means to nothing to Stephen.

My cheer moves couldn't resist the temptation.

Gettin' some.

Also, I love these kids.

And my husband wants this.
Keep on dreaming sweetie, ain't happening with this woman.

ALSO..Stephen took the MCAT. I can relate to this guy.

Too bad applying to med school has left us broke as a joke.

It makes me feel....well, like this.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello again.

May 1, 2011. The last time I blogged. I figure once a year is good enough, right? I know a lot of people use their blogs as their journals (which I think is a great idea) so I am determined to at least blog twice a year. There ya go. An improvement. So much has happened since last fact, 12 months happened. I digress. A year ago I was starting my summer job at Platinum Protection (similar to an APX). Boy how I don't miss those days. Here I was, in fact.
I also spent a few glorious days in Wyoming, where one of my besties from Jerusalem got married. In fact, here we are.
You can take the girl out of cheerleading, but you can't take the cheerleading out of the girl.
That's a bear. And one of my favorite people of all time who is now serving a mission in Arizona. Loovvve herrrr. I promise, I do, despite the fact that her face is being covered. Oh geez. Oh, and the bear got pretty close to me, in fact, so close that we all started booking it to the car. I wasn't worried because as long as I wasn't the slowest one running, all would be well, right?
At the hoe down where I got jiggie with it. Stephen wouldn't dance with me, but some other kid asked me to dance and I had a blast!! Too bad I had to break his heart and let him down easy.
With the beautiful bride and roomies from Jerusalem.
What else happened? The dance company I am on has started picking up and my friend Christine and I did a photo shoot for it.
Apparently I was having a lot of fun.
I really am so grateful for Wasatch Contemporary Dance Company. Without it, I wouldn't be dancing. And while dance no longer defines me like it once did, I still love the adrenalin I get when I'm on stage.
Oh yes, I also had 2 important babies born. My nephew, Brayden Bird.
And Julia's baby, Hadley Kramer.
Nursing is still there and still awesome. I'm more than ready to get out there and save some lives. I applied for an internship at the VA hospital in SLC this summer in the ICU - so hopefully that works out. The money is superb and the experience would be grande. Nursing really is the perfect career, so I'm sorry for everyone who didn't choose it :) Jk, but really. I get to learn about the human body, poke people with needles, and serve others ALL DAY. That being said, I do get nervous about it too. The thought that my mistakes could potentially kill people is frightening.
But don't fret. I study. A lot. In fact, that's probably why I haven't updated my blog for a year. What else? Stephen is getting ready to take the MCAT.
And I couldn't be more ready for this to end. I may as well be a widow. But I know it will just get worse once med school starts. Hopefully working full time will keep me busy. Maybe I'll pick up a new hobby. Like learning how to balance on an egg.
That pretty much sums up my life in a nutshell. Oh yeah! We got a doggie pooh. His name is Goldie. You heard me right. HIS name is GOLDIE.
And I'm still married. To this guy.
And sorry some of my pictures are HUGE. It's been a while. Be nice to me blogging world.